About the Story

A great war stripped the world bare of resources. The very sky has become infused with an impossibly vast spirit of evil. It tears the land with misty hands, turning objects into magic demons. Killing them just causes the mist to escape and rejoin the skies.

Caramel finds out he is a magic creature and worries he does not have a soul. The calf seeks to find a way to ensure his existence.

Story Content

The story involves a ton of fighting. It contains mostly shota, loli, and cub characters. It also has casual nudity, and occassional sex. I'm releasing a chapter on Sundays starting April 7th. Please subscribe, so that I can focus on it, and related content. In the mean-time feel free to check out the comic I have below. I did one chapter, could not afford to do more, so now I'm writing.

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Chapter 1: Suddenly, There Is Magic


I can draw any anime style

If I don't know it off the top of my head, I check out the manga/anime and review the art. Heads up, I prefer to stick to established pro styles.


I charge $35 an hour. $10 for 15 minutes. All art is provided in a digital format only. I will estimate a price based on the provided description and character details. Check at the bottom of the page if you want to see the content/fetish list.

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Contact me on Discord: CaramelTheCalf#9336

This is purely for business use. This is for ordering art and networking only. Treat it like e-mail, write your message fully, and expect it to take a day before I respond. I might not respond on weekends.

When ordering

- Tell me the characters and what series they come from, and what you want them to do. Please do not expect specific poses/angles/compositions. You can show me a pose to help inspire me, but keep in mind that I will not make it exactly the same.

- I will lead you through the process, asking follow-up questions, checking with you for approval after completing each stage. From start to completion for an image it usually takes 1-2 days. If it is expected to take longer, I will let you know.

- After the art is done, I take payment.


I accept major credit cards, paypal, and stripe. After commission completion you will be given a link to a third party website to handle the payment.


I retain the right to post the commissioned art in my galleries. No private art. If you don't want the art credited to your alias, I can make it anonymous. You may post the art I draw for you on any gallery that allows that type of content. You may print it for personal use.


Want to get it printed professionally? Well, I know a place that won't hassle you over adult art, and they pay me when you print art drawn by me. If you order art, I can provide it.

Character types I can draw

Adult, teen, pre-teen, shota, loli. Male, female, transgender. I can draw skinny, toned, strong, and chubby characters. Human, fantasy creatures (elf, orc, lizard, goblin, centaur, satyr, and more), anthropomorhpic, furry, dragon, feral, animal. Foreskin, uncut penis, cut penis, human shape penis, animal shape penis (horse cock, dog cock, feline cock, and more). humand and animal vagina. Regular, large, and hyper size genitals.

Content I can draw

SFW and NSFW content. Clothed, partial clothing, nude. Touching, kissing, making out. Exhibitionism, Regular sex. Consensual and semi-consensual sex. Blowjobs, handjobs, fisting, penetration (oral, anal, vaginal, cock fucking, nipple fucking). Orgy. Sex toys, dildos, fleshlight. Soft vore, not fatal, (oral, vaginal, anal, and cock vore)

Content I won't draw

Guro, scat, rape. Circumcision or other bodily mutilation. Bondage. Morbidly obese characters, insects, non-humanoid aliens, non-humanoid robots, or characters that are designed to be ugly. Character design creation. Character transformations.

Cheesecake art

If you want sfw art, I am willing to draw it as long as its lewd or suggestive. Just think of any sexy pose you might see on a fantasy novel cover or a magazine about models posing in expensive bikinis. This is also a great option if you want turn it into a poster to put on your wall.


No available work at the moment.


Just browse around. Once you see something interesting, click it, and it'll take you to the store I am selling the product in.

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