About the Comic

A great war stripped the world bare of resources. The very sky has become infused with an impossibly vast spirit of evil. It tears the land with misty hands, turning objects into magic demons. Killing them just causes the mist to escape and rejoin the skies.

Caramel finds out he is a magic creature and worries he does not have a soul. The calf seeks to find a way to ensure his existence.

Why Support The Comic

A new issue is released every other month. As it stands, I don’t know if I can continue the comic or not. The best way to support me and the comic is by subscription. You can also check out the shop or buy a commission.

Monthly Subscription Milestones:

7500USD     - I would be able to focus on the manga and invest in the future.

15000USD  - At this stage I can hire a full-time inker. An issue gets released each month.

37500USD  - I can get a half team of artists, and release the manga every other week.

75000USD  - I can get a full studio team, and release the comic on a weekly basis.

Subscribe here      Languages Supported

[SubscribeStar]     English, Português, русский язык

[Fantia.JP]              日本語, 繁體中文, 한국어, English



Chapter 1: Suddenly, There Is Magic


I sincerely apologize. I can only take commissions from people who speak English. I do not have the budget or the structure to communicate in other languages in a timely fashion. If that changes, I will update the commissions page into multiple languages.

I can draw any anime style

If I don't know it off the top of my head, I check out the manga and review the art. Heads up, I prefer to stick to established pro styles.

I will estimate a price based on the provided description and character details. At best this gives you a ball-park pricing to work with.

Draft: 60USD per a character

Ink Illustration: 100USD per a character

Cell Shaded Illustration: 175USD per a character

Background: +100USD

Business prices are double.

Art is drawn digitally, you will get a digital copy only as a jpg. Businesses get the PSD version.

First Time

If it's your first time, please go to the bottom of the page and check what my content range is, to see if I can draw the art you are hoping for.

Contact me on Discord: CaramelTheCalf#9336

This is purely for business use. This is for ordering art and networking only.

When ordering

- Let me know what you want: The drawing type (ink or color). Character names, character version, what series they came from. Describe what you want them to do. You must provide character sheets or at least references for your original characters, I will not design your character for you. Please do not expect specific poses/angles/compositions. You can show me a pose to help inspire me, but keep in mind that I will not make it exactly the same.

- After I get the information, I will give an estimate on how much I believe it should cost, based on the expected drawing time.

- If you confirm it, I draw up three poses as gesture art. Let me know which one you want, and what changes you'd like.

- I'll show the draft. Please carefully review it and list everything that needs edits. After this point, edits are difficult.

- I'll double check the edited draft. If it passes, I'll ink it. If it doesn't pass, I may cancel the commission.

- I'll show the inks. If there is one last small edit, I can do it.

- Then finally colors are made and submitted. The drawing is complete at this point. Any further edits/detail will incur a cost.

- At this point I can take payment.


I accept major credit cards, paypal, and stripe. After commission completion you will be given a link to a third party website to handle the payment.

Regular Permissions

I retain the right to post the commissioned art in my galleries. No private art. If you don't want the art credited to your alias, I can make it anonymous. You may post the art I draw for you on any gallery that allows that type of content. You may print it for personal use.

Business Permissions

I understand if I can only show the art after its been officially put up in whatever product it was designed for. If you have other requirements and or an NDA, let me know.

Character types I can draw

Adult, teen, pre-teen, shota, loli. Male, female, transgender. I can draw skinny, toned, strong, and chubby characters. Human, fantasy creatures (elf, orc, lizard, goblin, centaur, satyr, and more), anthropomorhpic, furry, dragon, feral, animal. Foreskin, uncut penis, cut penis, human shape penis, animal shape penis (horse cock, dog cock, feline cock, and more). humand and animal vagina. Regular, large, and hyper size genitals.

Content I can draw

SFW and NSFW content. Clothed, partial clothing, nude. Touching, kissing, making out. Exhibitionism, Regular sex. Consensual and semi-consensual sex. Blowjobs, handjobs, fisting, penetration (oral, anal, vaginal, cock fucking, nipple fucking). Orgy. Sex toys, dildos, fleshlight. Soft vore, not fatal, (oral, vaginal, anal, and cock vore)

Content I won't draw

Guro, scat, rape. Circumcision or other bodily mutilation. Bondage. Morbidly obese characters, insects, non-humanoid aliens, non-humanoid robots, or characters that are designed to be ugly. Character design creation. Character transformations.


Do you have an arcade stick, want custom art for it? Show me what company you plan to print the art from, and I'll use their template.


Contact me on Discord: CaramelTheCalf#9336


Do you know English fluently and one of the following languages at a native level?


Please tell me your level of fluency. Show me examples of previous work, if you have any.

The going rate is 10 cents a translated word. There is no guaranteed amount of work. At the moment it might be 8 hours of work a month. I order translations on commission. You may work on the comic, the website, and product descriptions. If you sign-up for this, you usually get a few days to complete the translation.

Fast Freelance Translator

Do you happen to be online 12 hours a day? Do you know English fluently and one of the following languages at a native level?

日本語 | 繁體中文 | 한국어| Español | Português | français | Deutsche

The going rate is 10 cents a translated word. There is no guaranteed amount of work. Whenever a person orders an art commission in a foreign language, I'll forward it to you for translation, you must be able to complete any assignment in 24 hours. Expect blocks of text about 1-3 paragraphs long


Just in case the manga takes off, I'd like to get in contact with top level artists. Take a look at the comic and the commissions page to check if you are completely comfortable with the content. I am looking for artists that can draw any anime style accurately and is extremely reliable.


Just browse around. Once you see something interesting, click it, and it'll take you to the store I am selling the product in.

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